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Inga and Ole Eira are passionate native Sami from Kvaløya, who have embodied their tradition in the way of their life to share with you. They have provided Sami style adventures since 2004 and shares a deep bond with the wild. Sami Adventure is situated in the beautiful Dankarvågvatn Nature Reserve surrounded by reindeers, lavvus, ice fishing lake, and modern aurora domes right by the mouth of Rakkfjord. Showing respect to nature is what Sami Adventure is all about and vision of Inga and Ole Eira is to respect environment, nature, Sami culture, and sustain them for generations to come. For people who enjoy outdoor life and to learn about new environment from a unique perspective, Sami Adventure is the place to get to.


Kvaløyvågvegen 595,
9100 Kvaløysletta

E-mail: booking@samiadventure.com
Telephone:  +47 90 22 40 20

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