Northern Light
Reindeer Sledding

Go on a time-travel adventure in Sami-style with reindeer sled and observe the fabled glowing lights of the Sun-Earth connection. This bracing feeling will bathe both your mind and soul.

NOK 1 600,- / 800,-

Authentic Sami
Ice Fishing

Be adventurous, bundle up in winter clothing and step out onto a frozen lake in the beautiful Dankarvågvatn Nature Reserve during crisp winter day with your sled full of fishing gear. While resting on a reindeer skin you will experience letting the fish lure sink into the hole drilled in ice and show off your fishing skills. The satisfaction feeling of catching fish is indescribable and it has to be experienced.

NOK 1 600,- / 800,-

Guided Reindeer Sledding

Embrace the guided adventure in Sami-style with reindeer sled and witness the stunning natural scenery of the beautiful Dankarvågvatn Nature Reserve. This bracing feeling will make you want to photograph all your memories.

NOK 1 600,- / 800,-

Aurora Sami Ice Fishing

Ice fishing and northern lights viewing, two winter activities in a combination you may only experience in the beautiful Dankarvågvatn Nature Reserve, which is only 30 minute away from Tromsøya Island.

NOK 1 600,- / 800,-

Reindeer Interaction
at Sami Village

Roam around with your guide where traditional Sami culture greets you with an open arm and emerges with you at your own pace through proactive interaction with reindeers.

 NOK 1200,- / 600,-


Aurora Dome

Being able to view long, narrow arcs of light extending east to west from horizon to horizon in bands that kink, fold, and swirl, or even ruffle like curtains in the arctic firmament from your own privacy located by the mouth of the Rakfjord is not a fiction.

NOK 5 900,- per room for two

Sami Lavvu Night

Spending a night in the beautiful Dankarvågvatn Nature Reserve as the Sami people did for generations and enjoy the magical energy of the nature with wood cracking bonfire as the sound track.

NOK 2 600,- / 1 300,-


Sami UTV Safari

Discover Tromsø city and it’s natural playground and let Mother Nature show you her magic. Once out of the city, hit the trails below and above to spot wild reindeer and elk while exploring fjords and lakes.

NOK 1 900,-

Aurora UTV Safari

Take a ride in a one of a kind 4 seater recreational Utility Vehicle [UTV] with a knowledgeable and adventurous local tour guide who is your every own chauffer to chase Northern Lights in style. This one of a kind tour allows you and your companion to discover northern lights in many exciting and memorable ways while bonding with nature from the start until the end.

NOK 1 900,-

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