Go on a time-travel adventure in Sami-style with reindeer sled and observe the fabled glowing lights of the Sun-Earth connection. This bracing feeling will bathe both your mind and soul.

Northern Light, also known as Aurora is named after the Roman goddess of dawn and it is both a mysterious and unpredictable display of light in the night sky. Especially when its dancing in the night sky, it will turn into milky greenish, red, blue, violet, pink, or white depends on the nature itself.

During the adventure, the optimum aurora experience is decided by the peculiar nature – and Sami herding family from Kvaløya near Tromsø leads the reindeer sledding. During the adventure, you will explore the beautiful Dankarvågvatn Nature Reserve and interact with reindeers close-up, even feed them while your guide is educating you about them. The adventure will conclude at our Sami village and you will get to learn about Sami culture, history, listen to joik [traditional Sami folk Song], and if you like taste bidos [traditional Sami stew] prepared by Sami grannies in a cosy Sami Lavvu tent.

  • Pickup location is at the Clarion Hotel, The Edge - 19:00
  • Drop off at the same location - 23:00
Clothing provided
  • Winter clothing
  • Winter explorer hat
  • Boots
  • Gloves
  • Biscuits
  • Hot beverage
Difficulty level
  • Easy
  • Please note, that it might be quite demanding while changing the warm clothes and walking on snow for people over 60 or those, who have problems walking
  • Adult - NOK 1 600,-
  • Under 12 years - NOK 800,-
  • Bidos reindeer stew - NOK 100,-


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