Terms & conditions

Sami Adventure is responsible for delivering the product or supplying accommodation in line with customer’s booking. We will ensure the customer receives information prior to departure and will contact him/her in the event of significant changes to the booking.

Should there arise a need to contact us before, during or after the trip, we can be contacted by e-mail booking@samiadventure.com or by phone +47 902 24 020.

Sales and payment 

Sami Adventure sells activity services and/or provides accommodation for a customer of any age, who makes the responsible decision of whether the difficulty of such an activity is suitable for the customer’s health condition.

In order to complete the reservation, the full price of the product shall be paid by credit card. Successful completion of booking is confirmed through an instant confirmation email which contains a receipt of a product purchase. In case of any errors with the payment or receiving the e-mail, the customer shall contact us immediately.


All personal information is handled through Checkfront booking system, which is encrypted and supports industry standard 256 Bit SSL encrypted certificate. Only Sami Adventure and intermediary partners will have access to your name and contact information

Cancellations/Changes by the customer 

In order to cancel the booking, the customer shall contact Sami Adventure.

The customer reserves the right to cancel the booking order 14 days prior to departure and shall not be subject to any charges or fees as result of such cancellation. A full refund will be issued in such a case. 50% of the total amount is refunded for cancellations made 7-14 days prior to the arrival date/tour date.

No refund is possible if less than 7 days are left before the departure due to the technicality.

Any changes to booking date, time and/or type of activity are subject to discussion and thus require immediate contact with Sami Adventure.

Cancellations/major changes from our side 

Sami Adventure reserves the right cancel the trip or makes necessary alterations into the provided activities due to unfavorable weather conditions or safety considerations.

If the activity is canceled from our side, or if the major changes or alternatives provided by Sami Adventure are not satisfactory to the customer, such a booking shall be canceled and result in 100% refund. We also reserve the right to cancel the tour if the number of participants is too low.


Sami Adventure would be pleased to provide our assistance if the customer wants to make a booking for a group of guests. For us to be able to provide the best quality of group focused tours, we strongly recommend to give us timely notification. In such a case, we can be contacted by e-mail booking@samiadventure.com or by phone +47 902 24 020.

Personal travel insurance 

The customer is encouraged to check personal travel insurance before the activity purchased starts in order to cover the potential loss in case of illness, lost luggage, accidents and similar incidents.

Correction of prices and VAT 

Sami Adventure reserves the right to correct any pricing errors that occur during payment. VAT is charged in accordance with Norwegian taxation.


Sami Adventure reserves the right to capture photography and videography of customers during the trip and use them further for our website or social media sources for promotional purposes.

Disputes and complaints 

The terms are binding for both parties after the customer accepts them and the payment is completed. Sami Adventure bears the responsibility to provide purchased services in line with product description and safety concerns. Should any errors or discrepancies occur, we encourage all customers to contact us immediately in writing for us to be able to resolve the issue in a timely manner.

We look forward to beginning our Sami adventure!

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